About Prudence

Heya people!! I'm Prudence Sugarheart as you may know, and I'm a Fairy on Pixie Hollow. I chose my Firstname to be Prudence after falling in love with the book series 'The Hunger Games' ( I have no idea where it came from ). The reason I chose Sugarheart is beacause I LOVE SUGAR!!!!! Thats the first part, and the reason I chose 'Heart' is because I like to make as many friends as possible during my Pixie Years! My Favourite Stuff: Talent: Water Address: 7688 East Pine Meadow Server: Hidden Ridge Colour: Midnight Blue and Royal Purple Food: Anything sweet, bring on the SUGAR!!! Game: Snowy Lullaby Store: Anything with trendy clothing Hobby: Making Friends and Art Dislikes: Negativity Dream Job: Architect Well, thats enough about me, tell me a bit about you and I'll see if I can meet up with you in the Hollow! Prudence = ]

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